About our Dolls

Like a real human being.

  Soft and beautiful

Because it is a TPE material that is softer and more elastic than silicon, it expresses a woman’s body realistically.

You can taste a beautiful and gentle feeling.

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Movie2 (album)

By the metal skeleton

Supple and robust

By adopting a metal skeleton,

While having a strong durability, supple, it is possible to pose as you like.

In addition, by welding and fixing the bolt tightening point, it is possible to maintain a stable body forever without loosening.

Movie3 (album)

The head is easy to detach

Proprietary rotation mechanism

The structure with 16mm diameter/stopper makes it easy to remove.

The joint portion around the neck can be stopped every 90 degrees, and a material that prevents deformation due to adhesion to the silicon head is adopted.

Use safe materials

Produced in a trusted factory

We use certified materials and produce them in safe, reliable and certified factories.

We manufacture and deliver based on reliable quality control.


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