Instructions for your order

Here are the step-by-step instructions for ordering a doll:

1.Doll selection

When you open the doll page, you can see various appearances in many photos. (There may be few photos.)

A professional makeup artist wears makeup and photographs of dolls dressed in attractive costumes.

These costumes are not included, but we select the ones that draw out the charm of the doll.

2. Customize

Eye color

Color of the skin

The color of the breast

When you tap or click the icon to make a selection, a black border overlaps to indicate that it is selected. In addition, you will see what you selected immediately after you select it, so please proceed with the selection while confirming one by one.

 If you have any questions, please contact us.

Then we're going to do all the customizations.

The color of the vagina

Nail color of the fingers

Nail color of the toes

Soles and pubs

Ankle processing

If you do the processing to jump out the bolt on the sole of the foot, you can make the doll stand by yourself. However, there is a hole in the sole of the foot, from which water enters, so if you take a bath, water will enter the inner skeleton.

If you don't need to stand up frequently, it's better not to process it.

Hair planting of pube hair

It is also possible to plant brown or black pube hair. You can choose the color and shape.

Vaginal form

It is a standard specification that the vagina is formed in the doll body. It's like a real vagina.

The inside of the vagina can also be formed with different parts so that it can be removed.

This is easy to clean because it can be removed.


You can choose one type of hair style of your choice.

3. Add to cart


Just enter the cart here, it will not be ordered.

4. Check your cart

The contents of the cart will be displayed.

Make sure you're selecting it correctly.

5. Coupon code

If you have a coupon, please enter it.

Click APPLY COUPON to recalculate and complete the discount.

Click PROCEED TO CHECKOUT and proceed to fill in the information required for delivery. (It is not an order decision yet)

6. Fill in the delivery information

Fill in the necessary information for delivery.

If the postal code does not match the number system of the country, an error will occur.

Please be sure ★ in the column marked with a red color.

7. Paypal

(In the case of remittance from the bank, it is not used.) )

Click on the Paypal logo to link to the Paypal page.

You can log in to Paypal and proceed to the settlement process.

When the settlement is completed, your order will be placed and an e-mail will be delivered.

This will end the procedure.

For inquiries after ordering, please reply to the delivered e-mail.

8. Bank transfer

(If you use Paypal, do not use it.) )

In the case of an order from Japan, bank transfer is available.

Please use here for remittances using Western Union, both in Japan and abroad.

Please check the radio button of the bank transfer (Japan).


You will receive an e-mail with the bank transfer address, etc.

After confirming your payment, your order will be completed and we will deliver your e-mail.

For inquiries after ordering, please reply to the delivered e-mail.

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